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Past Projects

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March 2023

Brandon Ferruccio’s one act play takes patrons to Hera’s present-day New York City penthouse. Living amongst mortals, the Queen of Mt. Olympus, wife of Zeus finds herself on the verge of a midlife crisis amidst her upcoming 5000th wedding anniversary. Everything quickly begins to unravel when the Goddess of Love unexpectedly drops by. A seemingly innocent request leads only to questions, confusion, and advice to be summoned from an unwelcome visitor, causing dark secrets of years past to finally surface.

Restroom Confessions

March 2023

Alright, stop me if you’ve heard this one: A talent agent, an advertising rep., a politician’s wife, a lawyer, a college student, and a hooker all walk into a Los Angeles restaurant restroom. While it’s not your typical setting to divulge personal problems and endless drama in one’s life, that’s exactly what happens in Brandon Ferruccio’s one act play. What could these six diverse women possibly have in common? More than you might expect. Ageism, sexism, prejudice and even unexpected pregnancy.

Night Watch

Oct 2022

Perhaps best known as the 1973 feature film starring Elizabeth Taylor and Laurence Harvey, is an ingeniously devised thriller which builds steadily in menace and suspense until the final, breath-stopping moment. Unable to sleep, Elaine Wheeler paces the living room of her Manhattan townhouse, troubled by unsettling memories and vague fears. The mystery begins when Elaine observes one corpse, and then another in the building opposite her home. But when police detectives are called in to investigate, they can find not a shred of evidence nor discover any bodies. And although Elaine insists that she saw what she saw, continuous suspicions arise as she begins to drive herself and everyone around her to their emotional limits; including her husband John, her best friend Blanche, and her maid, Helga. As they all become concerned with Elaine's sanity, a famed psychiatrist is summoned to evaluate her and the unsettling circumstances at play. Will plans be made for Elaine to be sent to a sanitarium in Switzerland? Or will a supposed killer strike again? Who knows... perhaps even Elaine's life is in deadly danger?

Steel Magnolias


How do you solve a problem like that child Shelby? You don’t.

A tender, sad, funny play about the family tug of war between mother (M’lynn) and daughter (Shelby). And their friends who all come to the same beauty parlor where life and its issues get discussed and dissected in a very Southern and ladylike way. A personal favorite of the American stage! A poignant, humorous, and touching story by Robert Harling.

Old Acquaintance


Another Hollywood classic that tackles the boundaries of friendship and the true meaning behind the word "frenemy." This dramedy is about two childhood best friends who, as adults. are now dealing with success and love in their own terms. Both become well-known authors, but when they get a chance to reunite, their simmering professional rivalry tests their manners and friendship. A runaway 1943 hit, starring Bette Davis. A true classic worth re-visiting!



The warm and gentle Christmas love story that inspired The Shop Around the Corner, She Loves Me and You've Got Mail, Perfumerie centers on feuding employees who have each fallen in love with their secret pen pal. What will happen on Christmas Eve when they discover their lover's true identity? Find out for yourself when Parfumerie comes to the stage of Theatre Palisades this holiday season.

Funny Money


Henry Perkins gets quite the birthday surprise when he picks up the wrong briefcase by mistake at a train station and finds it is full of an enormous amount of money. Realizing the owner of the briefcase was likely a criminal with ill-gotten gains, he plans to seize the day and flee the country with his wife Jean immediately. However, the police arrive with unfortunate news that derail the plan. Enter next, their best friends the Johnsons’ who are thrown into the mix only to make matters more confusing, a hot tempered detective and a wise crackin’ taxi driver who all lead us to a series of hilarious mistaken identities in this sharp comedy. Warning: You will laugh till your sides ache in this crazy farce as the story races to a conclusion!

The Wisdom of Eve


An engrossing and revealing story of life in 1950's New York theatre world, told in terms of an unscrupulous ingénue's rise to Broadway stardom. Meet Eve Harrington -- young, pretty and ambitious. Witness as she begins her slow climb to the top, clawing her way ahead in her career, leaving the wreckage of her friends' trust behind her. From her idol, the well renowned Broadway star Margo Crane, to her new confidant, famous playwrights wife Karen Roberts -- watch as rumors fly in a cunning tale of lies and blackmail. A true boiling pot of diverse personalities that everyone is sure to enjoy.

The Uninvited


Lights flicker, cats screech, and the living are clutched by the icy horror of the restless dead in The Uninvited. This bone-shivering stage adaptation proves once and for all that a single well-told ghost story is more horrifying (and more fun) than an entire inferno of computer-generated ghouls. And of all the gothic tales, Dorothy Macardle and Tim Kelly's, The Uninvited might be the most unsettling. Follow a pair of siblings as they move to a charming, but suspiciously affordable, house on the Cornish coast to escape the hustle and bustle of London life. The reason for their bargain is soon apparent, as the house holds a dark secret.

First a celebrated novel, then later a classic motion picture starring Ray Milland, now The Uninvited comes to Westminster Community Playhouse just in time for Halloween.

The Women


Clare Boothe Luce's "The Women" is a wickedly venomous comedy about 1930s Manhattan socialites who, for pure sport, urge each other into self-destruction. Having no other occupation or purpose, the women manipulate each other to create gossip-column fodder for their own entertainment. "The Women" contains razor-sharp dialogue and social commentary particular to its time, but its themes -- marriage and divorce, socio-economic class, female friendship, standards of beauty and the role of women in society -- remain relevant today. ("Real Housewives", anyone?)

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