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Original Plays

Currently I have 4 Original One Acts that have all been previously produced in the LA and Orange County Areas. These work well with smaller venues. If interested in producing one of my shows - please reach out to me as they are currently royalty free 


(3F + 2M – approx. 20mins) 

IMAGE Magazine is in production of the most important issue of the year… perhaps the most important issue of its run. With preparations and press releases looming over them, which Model do you think they will book for the cover? Better yet, who have they already over-booked for the cover? Its veteran supermodel vs. the new kid in town … and with deadlines approaching fast, the IMAGE team are tangled up in one hell of a crisis as a photo blunder is being released any moment.  Find out which cover hits the newsstands in this quick paced comedy ! 


(5F + 1 M voice over – approx. 60mins) 

Brandon Ferruccio’s one act play takes patrons to Hera’s present-day New York City penthouse. Living amongst mortals, the Queen of Mt. Olympus, wife of Zeus finds herself on the verge of a midlife crisis amidst her upcoming 5000th wedding anniversary. Everything quickly begins to unravel when the Goddess of Love unexpectedly drops by. A seemingly innocent request leads only to questions, confusion, and advice to be summoned from an unwelcome visitor, causing dark secrets of years past to finally surface.


(5F + 2M – approx. 40mins) 

“Welcome to Fashion Planet, how may we style you?” Crazy antics ensue in this nonstop rollercoaster of bargain shopping and bedazzling. A “has been” Soap Star and a Prom Court nominee are looking for the Dress of their Dreams. Between marriage woes, a desperate Beverly Hills science project, 2 Crazy retail employee’s and a brand new neurotic Manager with little experience – Fashion Planet will be in for some unexpected surprises on this dooms day!

Restroom Confessions  

(6F – approx. 30mins) 


Alright, stop me if you’ve heard this one: A talent agent, an advertising rep., a politician’s wife, a lawyer, a college student, and a hooker all walk into a Los Angeles restaurant restroom. While it’s not your typical setting to divulge personal problems and endless drama in one’s life, that’s exactly what happens in this one act play. What could these six diverse women possibly have in common? More than you might expect. Ageism, sexism, prejudice and even unexpected pregnancy.

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